One of the most important characteristics of MyFaceFeed that sets us apart from other social media sites is how serious we take the privacy & rights of our patrons. At MyFaceFeed we do not believe nor do we allow advertisers to pitch or sell anything to our community in a setting designed for socializing. That’s why we created an SSS hub (Self Serve/ Store) There the user will be able to select which categories/ advertisers/ stores and products you want to view.

We cannot completely block potential advertisers if your profile is set to public unless you adjust your setting to only allow friends, groups, approved by you only to post or socialize. We are continuously upgrading their techniques to catch spamming advertisers and will get better with everyones feedback. i.e. blocking ads, filing complaints regarding advertisers content etc.You can  block or remove content in your newsfeed, forum or messenger. We suggest that you set your profile to private to avoid potential spam.

We also utilize the use of polling to allow

users to vote how the system should be designed

Sign up to become a moderator to make sure content that is harmful or threatening are identified immmediately in order to maintain social status.

Moderators will have access to tools that look for keywords that can determine content thresholds. Three colored lights will expose only the sentence matched from the keyword list.

No one will be viewing anyones content except the sentence used. Red Light flags all threatening or harmful content. Yellow light reflects middle of the road content. Green light reflects only good content.

If users content shows a red light to moderators and they decide to escalate it to the arbitrators they will decide final outcome using the polling system amongst a minimum of 20 arbitrators.

Use polling sustem to signup to become an arbitrator

MyFaceFeed marketplace provides the only way allowed for advertisers to list their products. We do not allow any advertisers to post ads to news feed, forums, chats etc.

Any of the settings can be changed at any time by the user.
There will be many privacy choices in your settings header that you can access to customize your level of protection and security. MyFaceFeed will never sell your data or use your private information for outside advertisers.